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Annyeong chingus/visitors. I'm Sarah. Pure and proud Filipina. 16 years of existence.
This is my first kpop blog. And this is my first time in making kpop blogs. I post mostly my fandoms but I will try my best to post random pictures, gifs as well as updates. Some of these are from my laptop/cellphone but I also don't own them. So most of these pictures have their credits. While the others don't have.
I hope you'll like this blog even though sometimes I'm not active due to studies. But, I'll try my best to post everyday because KPOP is my life and I cannot live without it. Kamsamnida. /bows/

chanyeol doing his part on the table

chanyeol doing his part on the table

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Bacon and Chen. 

Bacon and Chen. 

Taeyeon’s IG update. 

[News] Taeyang’s pet dog ‘Boss’ passes away →

Taeyang posted on his Twitter, “2008.07.15-2013.06.10 [BOSS]”, informing his fans that his beloved dog has passed away. He added, “Goodbye, Boss… You brought me lots of fun and joy for the past five years…” and “I lost my baby today He will be always in my heart.”

The Big Bang member also thanked all the doctors at the Cheongdamdong clinic who took good care of Boss during its surgery for a herniated disc. 

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RIP Boss. :( 

Sehunna, why so cute? Kai and Luhan seems jealous. Lol. 

Key clapping his own way

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Look how cute Jonghyun, Key and Taemin are.

And then there’s Minho. 

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Taeyeon’s Instagram update. With SHINee’s Minho.